Video Introduction

Hi, and welcome to this short video.
This will take only a minute and gives you a little overview about who I am, what I do and what I'm interested in.

So, my name is Markus Raab, I'm born in 1977, married and a father since November 2004.

One of my real passions is playing as a DJ for high quality electronic music.

But now some business-informations:
As I'm working mainly as a certified Macromedia Flash Developer, I see my core competence in programming actionscript, which is the powerful scripting language within flash.

Most commonly I turn my attention to frontend-development for business-applications with graphical user interfaces, but I'm also used to gamedevelopment and all kinds of flash applications.

I have the posibilities to develop for the whole flash platform which is supported by personal computers, cellphones, PDAs and a lot more devices.

Additionally I have flash assisting programming skills in PHP, mySQL, PureBasic, JavaScript, HTML and so on...

Within my portfolio you will find projects for Actebis Peacock, Arcor, KPMG, Mercedes Benz, O2, Powerade, T-Online, and a lot more...

Thank you very much for your attention.

If you can read this, you need to get the newest Adobe Flash Plug-in.